We’re always excited when someone actually steps up to the mark and takes some proactive action. Adam Brady has set up an e-petition on the governments website yet at the moment he only has 59 signatures. We suspect that is because it simply needs more publicity to generation rent, which we are more than happy to help with. 

Adam’s petition lists the following points to deal with the issues over housing which are both as excellent as they are intelligent:

  • End tax relief for interest payments on Buy-To-Let mortgages and second home mortgages.
  • Disallow Buy-To-Let mortgage providers from stipulating minimum rents that landlords must command from tenants.
  • Punitively tax profits from rental income of owners of more than one residential property, and directly use the proceeds to subsidise homebuilding.
  • Allow individuals to make a claim to the Residential Property Tribunal on residential properties that have been vacant for more than two years.
  • Encourage First-Time-Buyer mortgage providers to introduce tests of applicants’ ability to meet mortgage repayments based on rental history, not deposit size.
  • Introduce annual rent increases that are capped at CPI for the duration of a tenant’s continued occupancy of a residential property.
  • Unless a landlord is selling or moving back into a property for at least a year, give tenants the right to extend their tenancy.

Please, if this generation rent madness affects you, sign this petition and lets show the government how strongly we all feel about it

Sign Adams’ Petition