It Seems that today the Labour Party are really putting Generation Rents issues front and centre. Today they are calling for a vote in the commons to ban letting fees charged to tenants. This move really backs up the fact that Generation Rent could well decide the next election. With the Conservatives Help to Buy policy seemingly taking fire from experts on all sides and the Lib Dems saying very little on the subject, how will they respond to this vote?

We urge all of you whom rent out there to consider the power that is within your grasp. The wonderful blog at has published the results of it’s ComRes poll which shows how much of a game changer this topic is for the next election.

It’s time to stop the navel gazing and make a difference simply by using your vote. We urge you to take some time and read their report which you can find here:

Particularly important if you rent in one of the constituencies on the list where you really can make a huge difference. Perhaps the tide is beginning to turn.