Our good friends over at generationrent.org are today launching their Renters’ Manifesto. This excellent document outlines in great detail many of the issues faced by generation rent and offers up very sensible solutions. Following a long period of public consultation the main points from the manifesto are:

  • Reform of the private rental market, which currently fails the millions of renters now stuck there, with the right to a five-year tenancy and professionalization of landlords and letting agents.
  • A new housing market that allows buyers to opt-out of rising house prices could end the housing crisis, Generation Rent says today.
  • A new department with a remit to fix the housing crisis and save the taxpayer billions.

However there are also many forward thinking ideas addressing the common problems with renting that many of us have experienced and so desperately need sorting out.

It seems to have already drawn the wrath of the National Landlords Association who branded the manifesto “first class propaganda” unsurprisingly. Lets hope that the politicians will keep an open mind and take on board some of these excellent solutions to the chronic problem of generation rent.

Read The Renters Manifesto Here..

Don’t forget to share the manifesto on your social media, lets spread the word and get #generationrent voting for change in 2015.

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    One solution that would not cause many to complain (nimbys , btl, hpi) is for the rent part of the tenants wage to be tax free.
    This helps tenants and allow HMRC to tax the btl.