One of the criticisms levelled at Generation Rent is that it’s all talk and no action. The Let Down organisation have for a while being trying to change that.

The Stratford Halo is one of a growing number of developments designed soley for the rental market and although this development was not funded by a government scheme called “Build to Rent” the developers, Genesis, are shortlisted for the schemes funds in the future.

Lets put this in perspective. Flats in Stratford Halo start at £1700 per calendar month.

The government has set aside a £200 million pound fund to cut the risk for developers more traditionally used to building homes for sale who are looking to branch out into building homes for private rent.

This means the developer turns landlord which is a little like the government providing the sheeps clothing to the wolf. Developers exist to make a profit and the last thing we need right now is more wolves preying on the innocent sheep.

The Let Down organisation decide to hold a housewarming party in a flat they simply couldn’t afford to prove the point.

Check out the video after the break and please visit and support who we’ll be forging some close ties with moving forward.

“Private renting is expensive and gives people no security – the last thing we need is more of it. Rather than supporting developers to build expensive private rented housing that is only affordable to the very wealthiest, the government should bring in measures to keep rents under control and invest in good quality genuinely affordable social housing that gives ordinary people the security they need.”

Emma Bradshaw, Let Down Organisation

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