An exclusive poll for tenants’ campaign Generation Rent published today shows that Britain overwhelmingly backs the return of rent controls. The poll by Survation of 1,009 people on 18th and 19th December shows that 59% of people back rent controls and only 6.8% of people oppose them. 34% had no opinion. That’s one person opposing the measure for every 9 people who support it.

  • Parker Tron

    It’s totally weird that you’re sharing their posts and ‘trading’ under the same name. I wonder how much time they have to waste explaining it to ppl.

  • generationrent

    It’s not weird at all. Genrentuk has a board and actively works on the ground. We are just 2 people who dedicate our time and talents for free as we’re passionate about the subject. Think of it as two news channels, less isn’t always more. We work closely together and any enquires to the sites are exchanged to whomever is best placed to deal with it.