Britain’s two million-strong army of buy-to-let investors have almost doubled their property holdings in a decade – and they are set to buy up even more homes

Private landlords now own almost one out of five homes in Britain and they will buy a further million in the next five years, according to new research highlighting the phenomenal growth of buy-to-let.

  • Alasdair Riktam de Voil

    How to solve the unaffordable housing crisis?

    Solution One- be a xenophobe and blame foreigners for everything from the deficit to housing shortage and costs?

    No, I think not actually.

    What’s needed is legislation to do the following:

    1) Make but to let investors not want to continue- remove or significantly undermine all the advantages to why they could ever make buying to let out, a worthwhile opportunity.

    2) Cap rents i.e. if the landlord pays £800 a month mortgage, he can charge 20% extra only in rent

    3) Get rid of council tax and move that tax onto property owners only- as in most of Europe

    4) Land owners and property owners who won’t follow through on local authority requests for them to sell or to build on the land, as requested, need to have their private property FORCIBLY removed from them

    5) Buy to let landlords or lettings agency which ignore the existing and any new legislation eg tenancy deposit schemes etc., should have their license revoked and/or be banned from renting and be forced to sell at prices which local authority demands reasonable

    6) Land use to build on needs to have strong legislation to force land sale

    7) Private ownership of land which does not have development on it should be made ILLEGAL by individuals. They should be coerced to sell their land to development associations- yes, that includes the aristocratic tosh who got their land by killing someone else for it, centuries ago

    8) We need a new bank whose only purpose is a) to build homes and b) to make homes more sustainable

    9) We need the housing market prices to crash- yes, some people will end up with negative equity and that’s sad but it needs to happen so badly that if it doesn’t, the alternative consequences for the future are even worse

    10) You tell me- but the current situation is absolutely horrendous and insane how expensive housing has become in many parts of the country, whether renting or buying. It is storing up trouble, it is!

    Yours sincerely,

    Oxford’s Mad hatter candidate- Vote for Insanity by Voting for the existing Consensus ( no, don’t!)