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    #MakingBrightonHome – SAVE THE DATE – 11th July

    *** SAVE THE DATE ***


    Caroline would like to invite you to the launch of a draft Housing Charter:

    FRIDAY 11 July
    10.30 – 11.30am
    Venue TBC

    Housing is one of the most pressing issues in Brighton and Hove, so Caroline has made it one of her top priorities as an MP.

    From damp leaky homes to astronomical rents and insecure tenancies, from the bedroom tax to the sale of council housing, the housing crisis is very real. Caroline has listened to what constituents have told her about their housing problems and drafted a Charter setting out some solutions. She’d like to hear what constituents think about this, before presenting a final version to the Housing Minister.

    You are invited to come to the Charter launch event, to have your say and to hear more about #MakingBrightonHome

    PLEASE RSVP to so we have an idea of numbers and can make sure you’re sent venue details.

    Thank you.

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    Caroline Lucas MP
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    In my Brighton Pavilion constituency almost a third of households rent from private landlords and nationally as many as 9 million people now rent privately.

    From my weekly surgeries and my regular MP case work I know that the growing numbers of people having to rent are deeply worried about rent levels, especially sudden rent increases when their short-term tenancies expire. Far too many also have to put up with damp, leaky homes.

    My blog on Generation Rent, which includes a link to my Housing Charter is here:

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    Caroline Lucas MP
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    Does Brighton & Hove need a register of landlords?

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    Jo Delaney
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    Yes B+H do needs landlord register.
    I am a social worker in Brighton;I and many of my colleagues can no longer afford to live in the area we work in.
    Many of my clients live in substandard accommodation owned by absent landlords.
    The government needs to stop pandering to the ‘we want to own our own home’ lobby and start sorting out a fair sustainable rental housing system.There is a significant amount of people who will never be able to own their own home because the don’t and never will earn enough to sustain a mortgage.There are also people who for their own reasons do not want to spend their lives mortgaged up to the hilt resulting in lack of choice and freedom for themselves and their families.
    The housing situation in this country is a scandal.It panders to individual greed rather than considering the common good.

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