We’ve collected together a number of videos on the issues surrounding Generation Rent that we think maybe of interest to you.

Generation Rent price rise effects – BBC Newsnight

Newsnight investigates how Generation Rent can keep up with rising prices

Generation rent: Evicted for complaining about the heating

This video is shocking and shows how the laws are biased towards the landlords against the tenants. ‘I don’t have a duty of care, I’m a private sector landlord’, Channel 4 News meets a landlord and a benefit-claiming single mother evicted from her home after her heating broke down.

Osborne: ‘Let’s not pretend there’s a housing boom’

The chancellor’s assurances follow concerns expressed by Business Secretary Vince Cable that the government’s help to buy scheme could result in a housing bubble. Channel 4 news reports on a chancellor clearly in denial.

Broken Ladder: a plague on all our houses?

Channel 4 news reports that Foreign buyers not only have the ready cash, but are more accustomed than English buyers to paying out for a property that only exists in an architects drawing.

London’s rents skyrocket while UK economy collapses

London’s rents are skyrocketing, as more foreign “investors” clean their dirty money through the UK’s property market, and rip people off taking homes to live in off the market so others can’t buy them.

Examining UK’s idiotic house prices

Author Ross Clark takes a look at the UK’s insane property prices, being kept artificially high.

Buy-To-Let scammers crying over their financial losses

The buy-to-let property market, which helped create the unsustainable UK property market and subsequent UK recession has collapsed. Now the same people are crying that they are not making any money in rents, or getting repossessed. So what! About time people that want to live in houses as a home got their hands on a house / flat, and not feeding the people who see a house as some sort of cash-cow.

London: Rising Rents in the city / Generation Rent

This piece first broadcast on 3 Dec 2012. Televised on UK’s regional television BBC1 London. Programme (Program) — London News.

Generation rent: the great debate

As campaigners for tenant rights call for ‘5 year tenancies’, tenants are not just looking for houses to rent anymore, they are looking for homes to rent. But have landlords adapted to this shift in mindset?